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Garden or balcony grills, built-in grills and professional grills from established international brands such as Weber USA, Napoleon Gourmet Grills Canada, OutdoorChef Swiss Grill Innovation Switzerland, Primo Ceramic Grills America s.a.

We offer you a selection of internationally recognized performance barbecue producers, so whatever you choose to enjoy culinary excellence at superlative.

Garden grill ROGUE SE525RSIB
7,190.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Gratar de gradina Rogue Special Edition SE525RSIB de la Napoleon Gourmet Grills. Modelul premium..

Natural gas grill Napoleon LE3
7,290.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Va propunem un gratar cu gaz Napoleon LE3, model de grill cu gaz natural de la NAPOLEON Gourmet Gril..

-7% Stainless steel grill with rotisserie DUALCHEF S 325G
8,350.00 Lei 7,790.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Va oferim in editie limitata modelul de gratar inox cu rotisor DUALCHEF S 325G, o varianta de gratar..

Stainless steel grill DUALCHEF S 325G
7,790.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Acest model de gratar inox DUALCHEF S 325G este varianta premium de gratar cu gaz pentru terasa sau ..

Garden gas grill DUALCHEF 425G
7,890.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Gratar cu gaz gradina, modelul DUALCHEF 425G de la OUTDOORCHEF revolutioneaza lumea barbecue-ului pr..

Built-in gasgrill BILEX605
7,990.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Un gratar incorporabil trebuie sa aiba cateva caracteristici obligatorii pentru a putea sa ne bucura..

Weber grill Genesis II E-610 GBS
7,990.00 Lei
Availability: Pre-Order

Cu acest nou model de gratar Weber, noutatea sezonului 2017, Genesis II E-610 GBS puteti organiza le..

Ceramic Smoker Primo Oval Large
8,490.00 Lei
Availability: Pre-Order

Gratarul ceramic Primo Oval Large este solutia ideala de gratar de gradina cu carbuni, smoker si cup..

Grill Genesis II EP-435 GBS
8,545.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Gratar seria Genesis II EP-435 GBS de la Weber, varianta de top a noii serii de gratare de gradina G..

Ceramic Grill Primo Oval Large All-in-One
8,805.00 Lei
Availability: Pre-Order

Modelul de gratar ceramic cu carbuni Primo Oval 300 Large este disponibil in editie limitata in vari..

Garden stainless steel grill DUALCHEF S 425G
8,990.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Gratar de gradina inox, acest model de gratar cu gaz DUALCHEF S 425G de la OUTDOORCHEF este varful d..

Outdoor kitchen Weber Genesis II SP-435 GBS
9,020.00 Lei
Availability: Pre-Order

Bucatarie exterioara Weber Genesis II, modelul de gratar SP-435 GBS apartine liniei de lux a noii ge..

-10% Primo Oval XL All-in-One
10,539.00 Lei 9,490.00 Lei
Availability: In Stock

Incepind cu acest an va oferim un model de gratar ceramic Primo Oval 400 XL in editie limitata All-i..

Professional Smoker Cheyenne
9,490.00 Lei
Availability: Pre-Order

Afumatoare profesionala, cu carbune, modelul Cheyenne este mezinul familiei de gratare tip smokere c..